Hi, I’m Steve

Welcome to the Rum Log.

The Rum Log currently is home to my one blog post “Chased By Pirates In The Bahamas” in which I recall a harrowing experience from 2014. I’m not sure what, if anything more, will become of the Rum Log.

I live in Marblehead, MA. I’m co-founder of a rum brand. I have a senior rescue dog named Otis. My wife is a teacher. My daughters are strong independent women who love the mountains and outdoor adventures. I love to surf, SUP and ski. My telemark skills are improving and I’ll occasionally snowboard. I have a motorcycle and I built a gas bike. I’m a revolutionary war reenactor with Glover’s Marblehead Regiment. I’m down with music, beer, wine, cocktails and dancing. My Yoga practice is getting better. I have an incurable Peter Pan Syndrome. If I had a motto it would be; “Life is short, have as much fun with people you love as humanly possible.”